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hot sell 50pcs/LOT PCB circuit board thermal transfer paper, transfer paper A4 size PCB heat transfer printing paper

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Note: You can only use the laser printer! Can not use an inkjet printer!PCB map with a laser printer, hit the smooth side and wrap it to the copper into fast plate-making machine or iron transfer to.
DIY iron-on transfers (home-made high-precision circuit boards for electronic enthusiasts necessary materials)
Printed circuit board production, is often one thing is a headache for electronics enthusiasts, many electronics enthusiasts to the production of a printed circuit board, often amateur production of the paint the depiction board Daoke adhesive paste, speed slow, and difficult to produce high quality printed circuit boards. Printed circuit board production and even many beginners into the electronic hall of the "stumbling block".
Thermal transfer method produced circuit boards, is to draw a good board graphics, laser printer to print in thermal transfer paper, then transfer paper covering the Bonded Copper heat, melt the toner is completely adsorbed in deposited copper, after cooling tear off the transfer paper, you can see the board graphics transfer to Bonded Copper, black anti-corrosion layer, that is, we want the PCB diagram, the final corrosion, that is, can get what we want the PCB.
Heating tools used in the production process is iron or laminator. We serve the transfer paper for the production of circuit boards for thermal transfer paper, with its production of circuit boards has the following advantages:
1, high precision plate;
2, the cost of plate;
3, the speed of plate;
4, can be made double sided.
How to use:
1 Laser printer circuit board circuit diagram to print to the shiny side of the thermal transfer paper;
2 raised to 150-180 degrees Celsius laminator, thermal transfer paper printed a schematic side deposited in Bonded Copper transfer; also used iron instead of a plate making machine, hand transfer;
3 After printing remove the transfer paper, Bonded Copper into the ferric chloride solution corrosion;
4 Finally, the toner of the gasoline to clean the circuit board.
We also sell many kind of electronic products.such as capacitor.resistor.LED,Crystal.IC socket
and so on, most of them we still have not published online.so if you need anything you can cotact me.we always here
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions! We will respond within 24 hours, please No hasty negative feedbacks

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