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Автомобильный видеорегистратор STR-LD200-G 3 в 1, лазерный детектор радара с GPS-модулем, видеорегистратор с двойной камерой Full HD 1296P 1080P впереди и сзади

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Features 1.FULL HD 1296P AND 1080P & 170 Wide Angle With this car dvr's super wide angle lens and FULL HD 1080P High Resolution recording, this dash cam can provide you full HD 2340*1296P OR 1920*1080P video of all the details on the road which was being captured for immediate playback or for future reference. 2.Built in South Korean radar of the fourth generation This 3 in 1 car dvr was made of South Korean radar of the fourth generation, warning about radars X, K, CT (Strelka), L (Laser); 360 degree detect radar band. 3.Ublox GPS positioning unit; cold start 30s ~ 1min30s, hot start up to 10s Warning about stationary speed limit chambers, the all-Russian database, information on more than 30,000 photographic points throughout the country. 4.G-Sensor & Loop Recording the built in G-sensor technology in our 3 in 1 car dvr detects when there is an impact on your vehicle and saves the footage so it is not recorded over. With the loop recording function, Records over the oldest video file making sure you don't run out of storage space when you need it. It will always be able to capture the latest footage. 5.Support GPS tracker (need to download GVplayer in official website)

--------------------------FAQ----------------------- A:about our Rear camera ,because it is designed for anti-loose ,So when you receive rear camera and feel so hard to connect it .please put the USB cable to take a Push in the direction of the screen, if still can not connect it ,please message our Linda ,She would tell how to Connect it Q:Why it keeps silence when it sees camera ? A:1. Using the device by mistakes. If your speed was less than the limited speed of Camera ,then it wont make an alarm because the radar DVR thought you are driving safe (PS: if you dont know how to set the speed ,message our Linda) 2. Use two radars at the same time Please dont use the 2 radar device in your car .Because it would suppress each other and interfere with each other Q:Why it cant search GPS? A:1.If you test it in a open place while still hard to search GPS ,please Pull down the rear camera before driving, wait for the GPS search, and then plug it in again. Because the rear camera has poor shielding, it can interfere with satellite signal reception. 2. please start driving until you searched the GPS signal . (PS:when you plug it rear camera in again .change the front camera to 1080p ,otherwise the rear camera would be dead ) Q:About the broadcast sometimes feels bad sound A:As the machine is equipped with radar and GPS, there will be current noise,please take a understand. Q:About LD200 A:LD200 has the Radar data base in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Belarus ,It has a high sensor of radar which can help avoid the fine from police -------------------After-sale Warranty--------------- 1 YEARS Store Warranty (1)Offer refund or replace within 3 days upon delivery, we bear $10 returned shipping cost (2)Offer repair within 30 days upon delivery,we bear the shipping cost for sending back to you (3)Offer repair after 30 days upon delivery,but you bear two way shipping cost (4)Notice:for full refund, please send full package back(including all accessories);for repair or replace, please send only product without accessories.

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Название брендаRuccess
Производитель чипсетаMSTAR
Кадров в секунду30
Метод сборкиПереносной видеорегистратор
Требуемая скорость чтения карты памятиClass 10
Срок службы батареиShort time just for recording and files protecting.
Угол обзора170 °
Оригинальная упаковкаЕсть
Тип товараАвтомобильный Видеорегистратор
Количество линз2
Разрешение камеры1920x1080
Особые характеристикиВстроенный GPS
Особые характеристикиЦиклическая запись
Особые характеристикиШирокий динамический диапазон
Особые характеристикиGPS TRACKER
Особые характеристикиG-сенсор
Особые характеристикиСветодиодная индикация
Особые характеристикиДвойной объектив
Особые характеристикиЗащита от вибрации
Особые характеристикиНочное видение
Особые характеристикиКарта SD/MMC
Особые характеристикиАвтоматический баланс белого
Особые характеристикиЗапись цикла
Особые характеристикиДетектор движения
Особые характеристикиАнтирадар
Особые характеристикиОтображение времени и даты
Особые характеристикиmicrophone
Особые характеристикиЗащита от перенапряжения
Особые характеристикиДругие
Особые характеристикиНапоминание о превышении скорости
Датчик изображенияAR0238
Язык экранного менюРусский
Язык экранного менюRUSSIA
Язык экранного менюАнглийский
Язык экранного менюКитайский (упрощенный)
Формат видеоMOV
Пиксели300 Мега
Соотношение сторон экрана16:9
Сенсорный экранНет
Размер экрана<3"
Тыловая камераЕсть
ИнтерфейсМикро SD/TF
Максимальная внешняя память64 ГБ
Декодеры видеоH.264
ChipsetMSTAR MSC8328P
Function3 in 1 car dvr radar detector
Function 1Radar detector 2018
Function 2Speed radar detector
Function 3anti radar detector car dvr camera
Function 4antiradar detector
Function 5dash camera in car video camera full hd dual
Function 6car dash camera dual lens
Function 7car dash camera gps
FEATURE 1dvr 3 in 1
FEATURE 2registrar 3 in 1
FEATURE 33 in 1 radar
FEATURE 43 in 1 recorder
FEATURE 5radar recorder
FEATURE 6video recorder radar detector
FEATURE 7radar detector with dvr
FEATURE 8dvr with radar detector
FEATURE 9video recorder radar
FEATURE 10video recorder 3 in 1
Voice LanguageRussian
Минимальная единица измерения100000015
Продано Вsell_by_piece
Каждая упаковка1
Вес логистики0.700
Размер логистики - длина (см)10
Размер логистики - высота (см)10
Размер логистики - ширина (см)20
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