Разветвитель HDMI 2,0 Vention, 4K/60 Гц, для Mi Box, HDTV, HDMI 2,0, аудиокабель, адаптер для Xiaomi, PS4, кабель HDMI

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ColorBraided Round Cable
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HDMI 2.0 is super-modern high-speed noise-resistant hdmi cable is designed to transmit high-quality video signal

Vention Hdmi cable 4k not only supports the basic resolution of 4K / 60Hz,also supports Ethernet Channel, 48-Bit Deep Color and ARC, HDR ,bandwidth up to 18Gbps.

Compliant with HDMI versions 2.0, 1.4 and v1.3

Connections: 19pins Male - 19pins Male Gold

Widely Compatible:like PS3,PS4,PS5,X Box,Xiaomi mi box and 4K TVs,HDTV,laptop,monitor, projector and other equipment

There are 4 models available, please choose suitable model according to your needs:

(1) Zinc-alloy Shell Model(Round Cable): Hot selling, nylon braided line body, 0.75m - 15m optional

(2) Zinc-alloy Shell Model(Flat Cable): Nylon braided line body, 1m - 3m optional

(3) PVC Shell Classic Model(Round Cable): Hot selling,0.75m - 10m optional

(4) PVC Shell Classic Model(Flat Cable): 1m - 10m optional

Dear customers

our products have HDMI certification, and the product quality is guaranteed, please rest assured to buy

Black Mamba HDMI

HD cable version 2.0
HDMI Association Member Brand

Every detail Show clearly

Support 4K 60HZ.Ristore the realthings in the world

Shocking 3D visual effects

Big screen connection to watch movies, Enjoy an immersive 3D visual experience

Audio and video synchronization Audiovisual

Special use of silver-plated copper audio core, Outstanding sound quality. Open the audio visual field

Smart box with HDMI TV

Massive blockbuster mawies to watch

PS3/4 with HDMI TV

Big screen games are more enjoyable

Notebook with monitor

Two display modes,Satisfy Different needs

Wide range of applicable equipment

Compatible with 2.0 and below used to connect various standard HDMI interface devices

Support HDMI 2.0 version within 3 meters

Fully armed Extraordinary temperament

Cool Black Technology

Pure copper+Silver-plated copper core+Triple shielding
Anti- interference Small attenuation .Low loss and fast transmission

Meets the Ergonomics

Make plugging and unplugging more convenient

FAQ Answer

Q1:Why connect the HD line ,The picture quality has not become clear

A1: Please check if the device supports 4K HD resolution

Q2 which devices are supported by the HDMI cable

A2: All devices with standard HDMI interface can be used

Q3:Why is there no sound when connected to the TV

A3: Please check if the audio output setting is selected as HDMI OUT