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U3 Notebook Cooler Cooler Master potent silent type 17-inch 19-inch alloy 18-inch pad cooling rack

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This model may be additional fans on their own, can be increased to a maximum of six, can choose according to the air inlet at the bottom of the notebook itself! Connection with fanPlease click here!

For the customer requirements, U3 cooling pad upgrade again, the current sales are an upgraded version, the difference is:

1, the length increases 1.5 cm, 1.3 cm width increases, more in line with the current mainstream gaming notebook;

2, increasing cable management features, eliminate desktop clutter line;

3, optimization fan safety net to avoid man-made damage inadvertently fan;

4, better rubber non-slip design;

[The new version really making a map, see the Introduction page really making plans]

Cooler Master U series notebook cooler is a way you want to adjust the angle of the laptop to the best cooling thermal pad. As we all know, the vast majority are bottom of the notebookBottom of the plastic, The key principle is to rely on the heatInlet into the wind increases betterInstead of blowing plastic. Different notebookAir inlet is not the sameTraditional notebook cooler is blowing all fixed direction, resulting in a dilemma of choice, the loud wind, small wind, blowing not into the intake port, completely ineffective. Cooler Master U series cooling pad completely solved the problem, the fan blowing air intakes books,Lookout amount applied to the most critical parts of the air intake [],The sound is also reduced to a minimum,High quality aluminum cooling surfaceEffectively disperse bottom backlog temperature.

Select reason U series:

1, the unique removable fan design, easier installation, adjustment, can be targeted to move to a laptop into the outlet, more efficient heat dissipation;

2, using the most efficient heat dissipation aluminum material instead of iron common market, the fastest speedDispersed bottom backlog temperature.

3, ultra-quiet high quality fan, providing quality 3-year warranty mute. The same can not add more fan based on the location of the inlet.

4, slim design, allowing you to carry;

5, the best viewing angle gold, long time to prevent cervical bending workability harming use;

6, suitable for between 13-19 on the mainstream market, the brand notebook.

After our engineers to test, when the excessive number of notebook fan, prolonged use can cause laptop USB output current is too large and cause permanent damage to some of the notebook's USB port! Plus the normal advice Amoy FriendsFans no more than 4! 17-inch notebook fan does not increase more than six!

U3 parameters:

MaterialRubber + aluminum panels
Dimensions435 (L) x 333 (width) x 76 (H) mm
Size fan80 × 80 × 10 mm 3
Fan speed950-1800 RPM (self-adjusting according to the governor)

Q: U3 U2 this and other What is the difference?

Panel material and fan material is the same, mainly to facilitate the needs of customers based on their own books from the line choice. The difference is that the use of two non-U2 fan speed mute, generally for around 15-inch notebook; and U3 is to expand the size and fan on the basis of U2, has also increased the speed control function, specifically for the 16-19-inch big book to heat.

Q: Why imitate you, look the same but the price is a lot cheaper than you?

Different materials and technology will inevitably lead to price differences, our selection of materials are carefully selected, always adhere to the industry on the characteristics of the effectiveness and the best quality. Our fans can hold 50,000 hours uninterrupted power operation, all three-year replacement products; we use is high quality aluminum alloy, and generic products on the market of goods we used is aluminum or iron hybrid to produce, the cost difference great; we use high-quality high intensity green rubber, the strength, abrasion resistance, aging resistance and environmental protection vary widely. In addition to the wire, USB port, etc. are great differences workmanship.

Q: how good notebook cooler is a fan or a fan good?

The vast majority are plastic bottom of the notebook. Many people think that fans better, this statement is wrong. The more fans, USB port output current increases, it may be no problem in a short time, but will result in long-term use USB ports not working and other reasons. The most effective notebook cooling most effective way is to put the wind to the position he needs most. That is the reason we U series cooling pad invention.

Q: Why is there a big difference Cooler Master products in the market price of the same type?

Cooler Master in the world has been the most outstanding brand thermal field in the country cottage is one of the most products, in 2006 we launched the X-type 5218 notebook cooler cottage has created a miracle, has continued to this day, We can not guarantee that the products sold on the Internet are genuine. If you are interested, Baidu [CoolerMaster fake], there will be vast amounts of information for reference. At the same time,As brand outlets, we are a team in the operation, the commitments of all products at the lowest three-year warranty instead of the other alone, family run, will inevitably lead to an increase in operating costs.

Q: The fan disassembly simple? Snap firm does not? Oh my ability but poor! !

Removing super simple, 7-70 years of age will be demolished, and the same firm and fixed with screws after the accord, after reading the following figure will be operated[Do not use brute force to operate! But does not require any tools]

Q: Cooler Master brand in Taiwan, mainland production why the show?
Please refer to our store inBrand [Click to view].

Transport or use on bad country? I am not satisfied we supposed to?
Please look carefully in the end, the bottom of our aftermarket instructions!

Need extra fan click to buy!Want to other questions, please contact us! !

The new upgraded version really making plans:

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