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Motorcycle performance hydraulic brake hydraulic clutch pull hydraulic system under the efficient transfer pump

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    Modified under the special hydraulic clutch hydraulic brake pump, replace the original car guy, more reliable delivery operation. Completely put an end to the flexibility of arrows, weak and too tight caused by lack of lubricating oil, the disadvantages such as premature fracture, thus influence on the performance of vehicle control. ,


    Design production, pioneered the pump small size, stable and reliable work, suitable for any car modification, stroke can be widely used in motorcycle clutch line 10 mm, brake line, before the replacement of the rear brake line, as long as it is pull control, all can use this system to replace modified. For the installation: the hollow screw pump under exactly the same as that of standard brake system of screw (m10x1. 25), can use ordinary standard brake pipe (steel pipe) to be modified, the pump can configure, requirements on the push rod piston pump is a standard 12.7 mm can be (currently visible motorcycle market standard piston pump are 12.7 mm).


    Pump under the head of the anchor head is silking, can a wide range of length of the distance, adjust position according to the model, using thread tighten glue, prevent loose change position. Some vehicles anchor head is U plate (suzuki king GS125 machine, for example), as long as take U plate, installs to the pump head end.



    Fixed long screw pump under as M8 standard, and the adjustable range is long, suitable for most models modified line of clutch and brake line, but some models (such as suzuki king GS125 machine) of the original car pull head fixed position is silking, need to use 8.2 mm drill bit, removing silking to install.



    Whether you use the clutch or is used on the brake, for refitting, "no, not if you don't,"



    Installation method

    1. First will fill the brake oil pump under lie flat, do not have air, silk mouth is very big, can be seen there was a bubble.





    2. See above screw, tubing with good twist screws, do not tighten, request screw side holes can be exposed.


    3. This is the key, be sure to look good. Link on the pump and tubing, and high up, the oil pump oil cup, and then pressure several times at random (10) handle, ok now just waiting for (don't allow any action) 5-10 minutes later, in the above side didn't tighten the screw hole will see the brake oil flow out, then lock screw, exhaust.


    4. Hydraulic clutch exhaust complete inspection methods: push the pump under the wire to the pump body en croute, hand pinch on the pump handle, handle tip to move about 3 cm, knead not bottom go to, is correct. (press the handle until the pressure not bottom go to, there are about 3 cm distance handlebar, it finished the exhaust, but loading debugging), loading, must pull wire all out, again under the fixed pump, (make sure to loosen the clutch handle, wire all stretched out)

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