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Yunnan Dian hong Phoenix Brand black tea classic 58 special grade 380g 2015 new tea 100%of genuine

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 Production date for reference purposes only!
Because it is very sell well so the actual shipments all recent production of tea!









yunnan dianhong group co ltd
yunnan province city fengqing county lincang
krishnamurti 380 / bag
with in the batch prevail
the price for a bag price
36 month
22 bag / box
seal , dry and clean , avoided sun

black tea - - - - 73 years history , simultaneous attainment of old chinese brand and rare glamorous

this section classic 58 black tea , heavy 380g , 7.6 two , is tea in & ldquo . component & rdquo . most cocoasoft , a .

also is on taobao tea component in most , lowest price of cocoasoft . it is made of eco-friendly the cowhide paper packaging , ensure your money buy 99% all is a good tea , whereas & ldquo . gorgeous packaging & rdquo .


the whole packaging pictures

recommended reason : old chinese brand , big , no reason !

       classic 58 premium black tea 1958 years , fengqing tea big factory with fengqing maocha greened raw material , hasperfect processing , making out super congou black tea , in london uk market auction , the guaiacyl international market . cpc central commendation greets , and identified foreign affairs . state council

carryingforward for dian hong culture , reykjavikuniversity dian hong old of hyphen , 2006 years fengqing tea factory in the digging technology based on traditional , engraft advanced clean production technology , arbitraging fengqing high type lobar greened aihr raw material , development of the launch of classic 1958 dian hong .


  production date with existing , new arrival . sample only for reference !

classic 1958 tight straight magnificently shape , phanero- black , arointed juanxiu aromatic , water color red and beautiful , taste pure dainty , arointed siyi , whereas stura , in line with the modern trend health drink .







vademecum : buyers

inhaulers pu'er tea, cooked can be clean the intestinal , beauty , lipid-lowering diet , flat three high ( hypertension , hyperglycemia , lipoid ) anticancer , cool thirst , , , prevent artery warm sclerotic , prevent coronary heart disease , go fatigue , refreshing . changyin the tea fitness , can improve nutrition , promote metabolism , enhancing immunity and anti aging such as a variety of health . suitable for the old man group .

we attach your every evaluation ! from your goods , such as on any dissatisfactory , please as soon as possible and we , in-station aliwangwang letter or telephone contact ( phone see time ) , we will work for ?

Taste like the 6-meter same as your life ,
good tea for awhile bitter , uneasyness won't bitter lifetime .
pleasure-pain peacefultransition cup , piddling and over !

not only for to make money , quality please friend buy ,

peoplegou tea eximination :
receipt : about 1 , please note , when at when ifyou find the outer packing ( transport packaging ) dilapidation obvious ( or your own judged possible damaged goods breakage ) please refused to , and contact us . 2 , wash when 's surface personnel unpaking ( bag tallying ) and observation again after receipt if check only to find goods of surplusesof , and omissions or broken please refused to sign and contact us . if sign for , intact 'll act as sign for , sign for no longer such objection . please note .

about : to charge the , nowise overcharged ! . now stores in do fee . the details please see time

1 , book shop all goods are low price to walk the quantity , diskstore uses the counteroffer .
2 , all pictures without any special treatment , due and light technical different or various displays seeastigmatism etc factors may caused by the pictures and direct exist composite, ( but absolutely guarantee separatedly ) .
3 , you please got before , first contact me , carefully : baby description and , avoid unnecessary trouble and misunderstanding , respecting each other work , avoid photographed not buy !
uniform 4 , support alipay trading to delivery , we will receive your paragraph after timely delivery ! need the banks of the paragraph , active please contact me , comfirming bank card .


Dear Customer, because this year the manufacturers improves the ex-factory price, we can only be adjusted retail price! We will increase the number of gifts, I hope you will continue to support that this product!


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Тип элементаЧерный Чай
КлассSpecial grade
Срок годностиНовый
Срок годности3
Название брендаfengpai DIANHONG
СтильНасыпной чай
АссортиментЮньнаньский чёрный чай
Вес (кг)0.38
premium tea growthspring season
black tea technologycongou black tea
place of productionmainland china
whether the for organic foodis
Production date2015
Минимальная единица измерения100000015
Продано Вsell_by_piece
Каждая упаковка1
Размер логистики - длина (см)29
Размер логистики - ширина (см)17
Размер логистики - высота (см)19
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