433 МГц DC 3,6 В 5 В 9 В 12 В 24 В 1CH реле беспроводной радиочастотный пульт дистанционного управления светодиодный контроллер лампы микро-приемник передатчик + антенна

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433mhz DC 3.6V 5V 9V 12V 24V 1CH Relay Wireless RF Remote Control Switch LED Lamp Controller Micro Receiver Transmitter +Antenna

Product selling point:

1. Application range: LED lights, LED light strings, Christmas tree light strings, light control switches, can be used for Internet celebrity bubble machines, etc.

2. Three output working modes: jog/self-locking/interlocking

3. Long-distance working voltage

4. Ultra-low power consumption, highly sensitive response

5. Using high-quality materials, the quality is guaranteed

Product parameters:

Working voltage: DC3.6V~24V

Maximum load: 2A (maximum load power 48W)

Quiescent current: 3.6mA~5.5mA(6.08mA)

Operating frequency: 433MHz

Receiving sensitivity: ≥-107dBm

Output voltage: input DC3.6V~DC24V, output DC3.6V~DC24V

Modulation Mode: ASK (Super Heterodyne)

Supported encoding format: 1527 learning code

The number of remote controllers stored: ≤10

Working mode: jog, self-locking, interlocking

Working temperature: -20~80°C

Input voltage = input voltage (control negative electrode through MOS tube)

Learning method: button learning (click to jog, click twice to self-lock, press three times to interlock)

Working mode: jog, self-locking, interlocking

Taking the function mode as the storage unit, a module can only store up to 5 (pairs) functions, such as:

The module can remember 5 "jog keys", or remember 5 pairs of "interlocking keys", or remember 5 "self-locking keys", or it can be a mixture of 5 functions, such as remembering two jog keys key, two self-locking keys, a pair of interlocking keys

Remote control distance: about 30 meters in open environment, can be used by partition


The button time is required to be more than 0.8 seconds. If you press too fast, you will not receive the signal.

Pay attention to the wiring method and see it clearly to avoid short circuit

Black (- negative pole) red (+ positive pole) [power input terminal]

White (- negative pole) yellow (+ positive pole) [load output terminal]

Product Description:

1. Output working mode (3 types: jog/self-locking/interlocking/)

A. Jog: (press and hold the remote control to open, let go to close)

B. Self-locking: (press the remote control to turn on, press the remote control again to turn off)

C. Interlock: (press the first key of the remote control to open, press the second key of the remote control to close)

2. How to use

1. Set to jog: press the learning pairing key once (about 2 seconds), then the red light is on within 8 seconds to pair the remote control

2. Set as self-locking: press the learning pairing button 2 times (about 2 seconds), then the red light is on within 8 seconds to pair the remote control

3. Set as interlock: press the learning pairing key 3 times (about 2 seconds), then the red light is on within 8 seconds, and the remote control can be paired

4. Code clearing function: press the learning button to match the code 8 times, the LED indicator flashes 6 times, and the code clearing is completed

(Note: When switching the working mode, please plug in the power supply to clear the code and check the code after the power is turned off)

Shipping list:

Module X1