Военный бинокль с большим увеличением 15x60, антиводный большой окуляр, немецкий армейский бинокль, профессиональный бинокль для активного отдыха

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COMET 20X50 Zoom High Power Military Telescope anti-water Big Eyepiece Long Range Binoculars Professional Binocular for camp

Frequently Asked Questions for binoculars:

1. How many meters can I see when use binoculars?

When use binoculars, the distance is depend on the target size,weather. Sometimes in good weather , you can see around 3000 meters.

2.How about the image definition ?

The image definition also relate to the target size. Under good weather, you can see the coin on road around 80 meters , see the license number clearly around 300 meters. see the word on the billboard around 1000meters.

3.Can I see the target in the evening ? Does it have night vision ?

Telescope is pure optical instruments . it can not be used under the environment of all black .it is LLL night vision . its characterized to observe the target clearly  by using external faint light . for example: Lighting, concert lighting, street lamp, moonlight, starlight

4.Will it damage while shipping ?

Here we check each binoculars before shipping ,to assure each are in good quality , and we will put the air bubble film to protect it . so please trust us . you will receive what you like !

5. Why I feel dizzy when use it ?

The reasons are as follows:

1) Most cases are round right eye diopter didn't adjust good, lead to imaging blurring.

2) An exit pupil distance have not adjusted well.  eyes are too close to the eyepiece or are too far away from the eyepiece

3) First time to use it cannot adapt to the telescope magnification. And looking at moving target frequently or hand shake. Suggest to observe after a period of time .